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The Sopranos
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Episode 6: Kennedy and Heidi

When Phil discovers Tony has been dumping asbestos at the Barone garbage transfer station, he wants 25% of the action-or no more dumping. Tony and Christopher agree to meet his price but, driving through the night on their way home from meeting Phil, Christopher suddenly drifts into the other lane, swerving sharply to miss an oncoming car. Their car flips and rolls off the side of the highway. Freeing himself, Tony looks at the destroyed children's car seat in the backseat with rage. Christopher is coughing blood and Tony makes a decision: he pinches Christopher's nose shut. The two lock eyes as Tony suffocates him. Then Tony calls 911 for an ambulance.

In the aftermath, Tony grows more frustrated and distant, not able to feel the same pain and grief that everyone around him is going through.

Meanwhile, Paulie's mother has died of a stroke and her wake is scheduled for the same day as Christopher's. Paulie is upset that no one is coming to collect the 500 prayer cards he ordered and that everyone is at Christopher's wake instead.

Needing to get away, Tony calls his Vegas connection, Alan, who sends a private plane to whisk him away for some peace and quiet. Tony escapes his problems with Sonya, a friend of Christopher's, having sex and trying peyote. Driving out to a park overlooking a stunning desert canyon, Tony find himself standing at the edge everything. Does he finally get it?

The Sopranos was produced by HBO, written by Terence Winter and directed by Alan Taylor.