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The Rutland

The problem of addiction affects people from all levels of society right across the country and it's on the rise. All over Ireland, individuals and families are struggling to cope with a range of addictions including alcohol, gambling, food and drugs - and, increasingly, a combination of two or more of these.

The Rutland Centre, based in South Dublin is one of a number of facilities in Ireland which has developed in response to the growing need for addiction treatment. Founded in 1978 it has become one of the largest residential rehabilitation centres in Ireland.

Filmed over the course of a year, this two-part documentary series explores with unprecedented access the process of recovery from addiction from the perspective of clients and professional workers at the centre.

Episode One - Tuesday 28th July 9.30pm

Just over thirty years have passed since the Rutland Centre was established to provide treatment for those suffering from the problems of addiction. Much has changed in the intervening decades: the range of addictions has greatly increased, the average age of addicts has fallen, and more women are now receiving treatment. However, the core work of the Rutland has remained constant - and the need for its services is undiminished.

Episode Two - Tuesday 4th August 9.30pm

While treatment at The Rutland Centre is often very successful, ongoing recovery requires total commitment and support. Many of those who go through the treatment process are able to kick their addiction. For others, the challenge proves too much. In this second episode, we follow some of the clients as they resume their lives outside the Rutland and set off on the demanding road to recovery without the supoort of the residential routine. Some of the clients celebrate a year of success, others relapse, and some renew their efforts to overcome their addiction.

Further Information

If you or a loved one are affected by addiction, the Helplines page carries a list of services dedicated to helping anyone directly or indirectly affected by the problem.