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This week on the Restaurant Journalist and Broadcaster Mary Wilson leaves behind the cut and thrust of politics and immerses herself in her passion for cooking and good food. Tipperary-born Mary has been a regular on our Televisions since she took up the position of legal affairs correspondent with RTE News. Then in 2006, she moved to Radio 1, where she became the main anchor in the top rating Drivetime Programme.

When relaxing at home, Nothing pleases Mary more than to invite friends and family round to dinner “I love eating food, I love going out to dinner, I love feeding people”.
When Mary cooks she puts the focus of attention on the main courses, so she makes sure that her starters can be prepared in advance or at least assembled easily “If I’m cooking at home, I tend to concentrate on good main courses which take my energy. So starters should be something that can either be prepared in advance or can be put together quickly, but with good ingredients” With this in mind Mary chose to serve a Caesar Salad and Portugese Mussels and Prawns at the restaurant.
Mary has two very different main courses on her menu. She has chosen to serve Cod with Chips and Tartare Sauce and Braised Lamb Shanks with Roast Root Vegetables. She has planned it carerully and knows how to ensure two winning dishes “The fish has to be cooked very quickly and it has to be watched and it has to be served up as soon as its cooked. But the meat dish can be cooked slowly and beautifully to let all the flavours develop”             

When it comes to dessert Mary had no hesitation “I’m cooking the only dessert that I’m very good at, and that’s profiteroles” Mary needed one more to go with her profiteroles and decided on chocolate “I’m also going to cook a chocolate gateau, that’s a baked chocolate gateau, which is really yummy”

Mary will be judged tonight by regular critics Tom Doorley and Paolo Tulio. They will be joined by Superchef and TV personality Ainsley Harriott. But will Mary’s menu get her the desired quota of 5 stars at the restaurant tonight? Will the critics deem her elected as a top chef?

Mary Wilson
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