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The Restaurant
The Restaurant RTÉ One, Sunday, 8.30pm

John Waters

Tom Doorley

'My best was definitely the bangers, the lamb was nicely seasoned, simple, lovely. The worst? I hate to say this but I was a bit spoilt for choice here. I think the apple pancakes, they were poor shall we say'

Terry McCoy

'I think the black pudding itself and the foie gras were really well cooked, but I couldn't understand why the black pudding was in a little cake, while the extra pieces took away from what could actually have been a very simple and wonderful dish. Certainly, I'd have to say that I thought the lamb bangers were really stunning, I thought they were really very good'

Paolo Tullio

'Without question, the lamb bangers were terrific. I thought you had a problem with the sardine starter. The sardine, which in itself is an oily thing, was sitting on a slice of foccacia that was actually fairly heavily impregnated with olive oil. So I found I was getting an awful lot of oils in my mouth at the same time and it sat quite heavy on me for the rest of the meal'

Guest Critic - Terry McCoy
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