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The Restaurant
The Restaurant RTÉ One, Sunday, 8.30pm

Ted Walsh

Tom Doorley:

Tom Doorley: "I loved the apple crumble. A real "in one dish", the sharpness of the apples was a treat. I wasn't terribly impressed with the sole, though. I felt it was cooked to within a hairs breadth of perfection. Perhaps the fish wasn't as perfectly fresh as it should've been."

Paolo Tullio:

" The cold, runny eggs in the supposedly "warm" salad just did not appeal to me. They were perfectly cooked but fridge-cold and I didn't enjoy them at all. The duck was excellent. I'm not usually into fruity sauces but I dipped all the meat in all the sauce. Lovely!"

Hugo Arnold:

Hugo Arnold: "My favourite dish tonight was the apple crumble - so elegant on the plate, really attractive with lovely pastry work. My least favourite dish would have to be the Dublin Bay prawns. The chilli sauce simply overwhelmed what is the essentially delicate texture of the prawns."

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