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The Restaurant - 3 Star Cook Off

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Tom McGurk versus George Hook

A very Christmas special hits our screens this year. Two 3 star chefs have been invited back to the kitchen for "The Restaurant - 3 Star Cook Off."

This culinary cook off is fought over three courses and at the end of the meal, the critics will vote for their favourite dishes. Both 3 star chefs have experienced the pressure of trying to impress our resident critics, Tom Doorley and Paolo Tullio. But there will be no stars at the end of this day in the kitchen - for the cook off, there will be just one winner.

Both chefs are better known for battling it out over their views on the nation's rugby, but now they will go head to head in the kitchen. Going back in the kitchen for this special '3 Star Cook Off,' are broadcasters and RTÉ's rugby pundits, Tom McGurk and George Hook.

RTÉ One, Thursday 29 December 2011, 6.30pm


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