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Simon Delaney

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Simon Delaney is one of the best known faces on television, both as an actor and presenter. He first came to prominence in the role of Michael they layabout lawyer in the RTE drama Bachelors Walk. He has since starred in the West End in "Stones In Their Pockets", and recently completed an Irish tour with the show. He made his debut as a television presenter on RTE 1 with "Chain Reactions", a documentary series highlighting the radical changes in Irish society over the last 25 years. Simon has returned to the restaurant kitchen with on thing in mind - success.. 'You don't want to finish second in a two horse race.. 'You don't want to make a bags of it, You don't want a bad review. I'm back today to try and see if I have come up from a 2 star'

Simon did pick up some hints at his last sojourn at The Restaurant and brings that knowledge to the kitchen for the cook off. 'You can get hints from the critics as to what they like and what they don't like. Going on what I did they last time and what they liked, I've kind of re-introduced that. '

Simon loves smoked salmon and he is not going to mess with good ingredients when it comes to his starter . 'You get a good piece of Irish smoked salmon. There's not a lot that you can do with it, so that's why I'm going to keep it simple and serve it with the blinis and a nice little Crème Fraiche. It's a light starter because they'll have a lot of food after that'

Simon served lamb before at the restaurant and it didn't impress the critics very much, but he has a plan with this lamb dish . 'Tom referred to my previous lamb dish as being ignorant. He did say that lamb should be left alone, so I'm leaving it alone and I'm giving him a classic braised lamb shank, which hopefully he will like '

Unlike the lamb dish, Simon's banoffi went down a treat last time, so he is revisiting the theme and he is hoping that it works for him.. 'I'm being a little sneaky here. It really is a Banoffee Cheesecake. I know Paolo enjoyed it before . it should be a nice end to that meal'

Mary and Simon