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Ruth Scott

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Ruth Scott felt like she was coming home when she arrived at Wineport Lodge, armed with nothing but her menu to take on 'The Restaurant' challenge. As Ruth had grown up grew up just a few miles away in the neighbouring County Roscommon, she felt comfortable in the surrounding countryside and was prepared for anything... And indeed everything and anything was thrown at her, from dessert disasters, oven burns and difficult pastry cases.

It was all a long way from Ruth's first love, music radio and even longer from her first media broadcast from a mobile home in the University of Limerick campus during Rag Week. That was when Ruth discovered her passion for radio and led her to take jobs with Shannonside, Northern Sound and Radio Kerry. In 1997 Ruth won a national competition to be a DJ-for-a-day with 2FM. This led to a job with AA Roadwatch, followed by a 6-month stint co-hosting the breakfast show on 95FM in Limerick.

In 1998, Ruth landed her dream job with 2FM. Since then she has hosted a variety of shows including the Great 'Great Giveaway Show', 'Breakfast with Rick and Ruth', 'More Music Drive' and her current weekday show 'The Frequency' and 'Saturday Show with Ruth Scott'.

When she has spare time Ruth loves to cook for friends but has very definite ideas about it 'When I have dinner parties, I love to do things that are quick and really tasty, so you can put them in the oven, put them in the saucepan and have them on the table and not be a martyr in the kitchen'

She hopes to please everyone in 'The Restaurant' with her main courses tonight 'I chose the mains today on the basis that some will like the lighter taste of the 'Thai Red Curry' and then the 'Lamb Shanks' for maybe the older more traditional tastes, they might want something a bit meatier, heartier'

But when it came to her desserts, Ruth went back to Roscommon for inspriation 'The 'Gingernut Mascarpone Stack' is a variation on something we would have at Scott family get-togethers and plates licked completely clean every time'

But will the critics love Ruth's home-style cooking as much as her family? And will she leave 'The Restaurant' with a coveted 5-star rating? Tune it this Thursday for the final episode in the current series - 8:30pm RTÉ One.

Ruth Scott
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