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The Restaurant
The Restaurant RTÉ One, Sunday, 8.30pm

Ruth Scott

Ross Lewis

'My worst was the mushroom tart. It was bland and it was just poured in, heavy, and it should be much more. And then when the main courses arrived out, the presentation of the main courses was excellent, both were excellent, to look at, visually. That was 10 out of 10 for that'

Paolo Tullio

'I thought the best thing I tasted tonight was the red thai curry, I thought that was really nice, beautifully presented. Probably I liked least was the gingernut stack, not because there was anything wrong with the taste or the presentation. It was just that it was very hard to eat it, I kind of wanted the biscuits to crack'

Oliver Peyton

'The best was a real surprise, the watermelon salad, I didn't like the sound of it and it was lovely. It was really surprising. I liked the sweetness of the sauce. My worst, terrible to say, but those seeds in the thai curry were so inedibel and redundant'

Guest Critic - Derry Clarke
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