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The Restaurant Recipe Book

An exciting new book based on the hit TV series The Restaurant Poolbeg Press and RTÉ Television are proud to present this glossy, colorful and informative book based on the hit TV series shown on RTE Television.

The format of the programme saw Irish celebrities thrust weekly into the unfamiliar world of head chef in a busy restaurant kitchen, hoping to impress some of Ireland's major culinary figures.

Celebrities such as Jason McAteer, Brendan O'Carroll (who believe it or not trained as a cordon bleu chef in Switzerland!), Celia Larkin, Joe Duffy, Diarmuid Gavin, Cathy Kelly Charlie Bird, George Hook & Brent Pope, took on the challenge, and had to suffer the inevitable tongue-lashings of regular judges Paolo Tullio and Tom Doorley.

The book features the celebrities very own recipe creations, such as Charlie Bird's Antipasto, Mary O'Rourke's Brie and Walnut Tart, Paul Costelloe's Black Pudding with Red Onion Marmalade and TheAfternoon Show presenter Anna Nolan's traditional Crème Brulée among others.

Each chapter will begin with an interview with the celebrity about their experiences on the show, then a passage on what the critics said, including that episode's special critic, most notably Gary Rhodes and former Sunday Tribune food critic Helen Lucy Burke (who wouldn't have paid for Charlie Bird's feast!).

The ingredients and recipes are explained in a simple manner with glossy and colorful accompanying photographs. And just like a real restaurant, the staff will recommend a wine for each dish - always helpful!

And for the really big fans out there, profiles of the impressive Restaurant staff who filled their screens each week will give the reader an insight into the people behind the now-familiar faces.

This is a high-profile, as-seen-on-television book,with a glossy and impressive format, complete with tempting photography by Chris O'Brien.

The Restaurant: Food and Wine from the TV Series published 1st November 2004 ISBN 1-84223-217-7 Price: ¤14.99/stg£9.99

The Restaurant recipe book