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Peter Kelly/Franc

One name has been on the lips of anyone getting married in Ireland over the last few years.

Franc, the man behind Weddings by Franc, has taken the Irish nuptial market by the scruff of the neck and dragged it up the aisle to a new level of luxury and opulence.

Franc has organized a number of high profile weddings and events, some of which featured in the documentary "Brides of Franc".

His attention to detail and willingness to go the extra mile for his clients is legendary (who can forget the bride who wanted haystacks moved from a field beside her reception venue because the "spoiled the view"?).

It's not surprising, then, that Peter Kelly - for it is he - has a background in catering. As a young man he worked as a chef at Marfield House in Co. Wexford.

His travels took him to Grand Cayman where he developed an interest in Caribbean and West Indian cuisine. These are reflected in his choice of menu for The Restaurant with the inclusion of many spices and herbs associated with that part of the world.

It's been a few years since Peter worked in a professional kitchen and he's looking forward to the challenge.

Will the elements of Peter Kelly's menu come together like a marriage made in heaven? Will the critics wind up, like badly behaved distant relatives, fighting at the reception?

Find out, as The Restaurant prepares to be comprehensively "Franc-ed"!

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Peter Kelly/Franc
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