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Dermot O'Neill

Dermot O'Neill is one of Ireland's best-loved gardening personalities.

He is well known for his contributions to many television and radio programmes including The Garden Show, Open House, Today With Pat Kenny.

He is the author of two gardening books and has served as the editor of Irish Gardening News Magazine.

Dermot's keen interest in all growing things started early in childhood when his grandmother guided and encouraged him to grow plants from seed and also tend a gardening patch. These early results developed into a passion then to an all-absorbing career.

This means that today we find Dermot right at the cutting edge of Irish gardening. Dermot brings the same passion to the kitchen that we have seen in his gardening. He's a keen cook who enjoys cooking for friends and family.

The emphasis is on fresh produce, treated with respect. Dermot is particularly keen that vegetables are used properly and does not believe in overcooking them. He sees it as a cardinal sin to unduly "mess about" with good produce. He enjoys using the best of Irish ingredients in his cooking and will go to great lengths to source the finest available produce.

Dermot O'Neill knows how to sow and harvest good food, but how will he get on when it comes to cooking it? Find out in The Restaurant.

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Dermot O'Neill
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