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New Year's Eve Special

Bill Hughes and Roddy Collins

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Bill Hughes

Many will recognise Bill Hughes from his stint as judge in the Irish version of Popstars where he cooked up more of a storm than anything else! But Bill Hughes, record producer and media mogul, has been one of the leading lights in Irish entertainment since the early eighties, producing and directing a plethora of shows for broadcast both at home and abroad with his production company Radius Television.

He is well known and highly regarded within entertainment circles and credits include amongst others various pop videos, including Boyzones, 'Working My Way Back To You', 'Love Me For A Reason', 'Key To My Life', 'Father and Son' and 'So Good', as well as numerous documentaries, and copious arts and entertainment series.

One such series, "North of Naples, South of Rome", was based on the book by, and features one of our resident critics, Paulo Tullio, making this episode of The Restaurant some what of a reunion for them both.

In the past, Bill has enjoyed immense success in his role of producer with The Three Tenors. Will he make anyone sing for their supper in this episode of The Restaurant?.Tune in to find out!

Roddy Collins

When the Annals of Irish football are written one name which will undoubtedly feature heavily is that of Cabra born Roddy Collins.

Roddy achieved major success as manager of Bohemians in the Irish league before being offered the job of manager of Carlisle United, making him the first man to enter English league management directly from Irish league football.

Star of the hit RTÉ One mini series, The Rod Squad, Roddy is a practical man in the kitchen. Viewers of The Rod Squad will be familiar with his acclaimed Irish stew. It went down a storm with his team but how will it fare with our critics. He may know his way around a football pitch but he's about to find out that we don't play extra time in The Restaurant!

Bill Hughes
Roddy Collins
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