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Norah Casey's Menu

Tom Doorley

"You're an entrepreneur and a risk taker and you took some risks with the menu. I think you may have noticed that I was rather keen on your liquorice ice cream - and that was a brave liquorice ice cream because its a liquorice ice cream that would only appeal to liquorice fanatics like me. I think what really disappointed me was the celeriac soup, because it was too gloopy, it was too thick."

Dylan McGrath

"My best was the rabbit, it balanced very well, and it was nicely roasted and it wasn't overcooked, it was just simple. The hake was probably my worst, just for the simple reason that the fish was cooked perfectly, but I would say that the chorizo and the kelp didn't seem to come through. Other than that I thought you did a Trojan job"

Paolo Tullio

"I have to echo what's been said, that really was a great meal. I thought the leg of rabbit was absolutely delicious. It was moist, it was fantastic. I've noticed in all the cutting edge Italian restaurants, Orzotto is turning up, all over the place, I don't like it. That's not a comment on your cooking, it was beautifully cooked, I don't like it. Otherwise a terrific menu, well done."

4 stars

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