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Tonight’s head chef is a journalist who has written about conflicts all over the world. But nowadays he writes closer to home, and his commentary on diverse subjects never fails to spark debate .

Kevin Myers was born and raised in Leicester in England, but came to Ireland to study History in UCD. Kevin joined RTE as a journalist soon after, and reported from Northern Ireland during the Troubles in the 70’s. In a career spanning almost 30 years, Kevin has contributed to newspapers including the Irish Times and Sunday Telegraph, and  covered war-zones such as The Lebanon and Bosnia.

Kevin currently writes for the Irish Independent which he joined in 2006, leaving his popular Irish Times’ column ‘An Irishman’s Diary’ behind. Kevin has also presented ‘Challenging Times’ for RTE and published a number of books, including a novel ‘Banks of Green Willow’ and an autobiographical account of his time as a journalist in Northern Ireland called ‘Watching the Door’.

But underneath all the politics beats the heart of a true foodie. Kevin and his wife Rachael even plan some of their holidays around visits to restaurants such as the 3 Michelin Star restaurant ‘The Fat Duck’ in Herts.

He approached the job as head chef with some trepidation ‘I’d expect anarchy and insurrection quite early on from my underlings, and if I don’t end my day with my head on a gibet I will be very happy’

But he came to the kitchen armed with elegant ingredients which are always winners in his view ‘The starters were obvious, foie gras is foie gras and scallops are scallops. You can’t get better than that’

For main courses there is a clear divide between old-fashioned traditional food and modern cuisine ‘Well one is traditional – oxtail and kidney pudding and the other is a little bit more exotic, lobster and the sea bass’

For desserts he tried to bring something different to a classic crème brulée ‘The lavender crème brulée was chosen simply because our lavender was in season’. But he had no difficulty with the second dessert ‘I thought I’d go for females. Chocolate. I mean you can’t fail with women and chocolate, so this is for the girls’

Will Kevin win over thr critics with his elegant menu with the traditional twist, or will he fail to ignite their taste buds?

Kevin Myers
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