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The Restaurant
The Restaurant RTÉ One, Sunday, 8.30pm

Kevin Myers

“I absolutely adored the lobster,  because I like lobster at the best of times, but it was perfectly cooked. It was absolutely superb, that was undoubtedly the best.
My worst was your choice of sea bass, because it’s the stuff that tends to have airmiles on it. I was really browned off that you chose fillet of sea bass- but I have to say, I didn’t mind eating it.


“The worst for me was the fois gras, because a few elements of it, I thought didn’t work wonders.  I thought it was over cooked.  The raspberry I didn’t really like, I didn’t know what it was doing there.  My best was the oxtail & kidney pudding.
Overall I thought it was a really good meal,  I really enjoyed it.


“What I liked the least simply because I found it very difficult to eat was the chocolate tsunami. It needed all sorts of manual dexterity that I don’t seem to have any more. But  I tasted it, it tasted fine. 
But when it comes to the best part of the meal, I have to say, your oxtail and kidney pudding transported me to a gastronomic nirvana, it was just terrific.


Guest Critic - Kevin Thornton
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