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Caroline Morahan

This week's head chef in the Restaurant is Caroline Morahan, well known to TV viewers as the presenter of Off The Rails and Fame Game, On The Run.

A graduate of Dublin City University, Caroline has also worked as a fashion and social columnist for the Evening Herald.

She has a huge love of Italy and often holidays in Tuscany.

When it comes to dining out, Caroline is a sucker for ice cream, and will happily eat any ice cream going!

She is a fan of Jamie Oliver's modern style of cooking and also enjoys eating at many of Dublin's restaurants.

As always our 'guest' chef has to create and cook a full dinner menu in a real restaurant.

The diners are real diners, and among them each week is a critics table with three top food critics ready to give an instant verdict and a star rating from one to five.

The resident critics are Tom Doorley and Paolo Tullio, with one other guest critic each week.

This week the guest critic is restaurateur and one of the most familiar and popular TV chefs, Antony Worrall Thompson.

The restaurants he's been involved with have been heaped with accolades.

He has won the Mouton Rothschild Menu Competition and the Meilleur Ouvrier de Grande Bretagne (MOGB) - the chef's Oscar.

Antony has also written several recipe books and contributes to the Daily Express newspaper.

He is passionate about organic farming and grows many herbs and vegetables for his restaurant.

Caroline's Papardelle was a big hit all round as was her truffle mash but the bruleé came in for some criticism from Antony.

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Caroline Morahan
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