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Tonight's chef Michael O'Doherty owns VIP Magazine group in Ireland which publishes titles such as TV Now, Kiss, Stellar, The Dubliner and Ireland's celebrity bible VIP. He is also a journalist and columnist with the Evening Herald.

Michael loves food, but unfortunately his busy workload doesn't allow him to cook as often as he would like, but he thinks he has a secret weapon in devising a 5-star menu:

"My working life doesn't, unfortunately, allow me to cook a lot. But I hope that I have, even subconsciously, stored away quite a bit of stuff from 25 years of dining out."

For his starters Michael will serve Vietnamese Vegetable Roll with a Ginger and Lime dip and Dinish Island Scallop with a Coral and Leek Bisque. This head chef is clear about the impact he expects from his starters:

"I want people to immediate sit down and think 'Wow, this was worth coming out for!"

For main courses Michael will serve Loin of Wild Irish Venison with Parsnip Purée and Baby Carrots and Pan-Fried Fillet of Turbot with Colcannon and Truffle Dressing. These are simple, classic dishes and there will be no frills:

"I don't like poncy food. I want it to look good, but I don't want it elaborate. I don't want the leaning tower of Pisa. I don't want something that's going to fall over."

With the venison, Michael is conscious that some people have a thing about eating venison over other meats, but he's not really bothered:

"For some reason people have a problem with venison. I don't know what it is, but they always talk about Bambi, and it's 'oh you killed Bambi', and you can't eat it...anyhow, I killed Bambi already!"

Michael will round off his meal with a Passion Fruit Crème Brulée and a Red Carpet Trio of Chocolate. Michael's brulée will be a classic affair but for the Red Carpet trio he wants to go big. This is Michael's VIP hint and his signature dish so it has to be special:

"I might as well try and produce the most mind-boggling, ball busting, hernia-inducing dessert ever created!"

Michael makes no secret of his culinary ambition. He didn't take time out of his busy schedule to put together a curry and he didn't travel to the Wineport Lodge to come away with 2 stars:

"There's no point in coming all this way, going to all this trouble and not aiming for 5 stars. Is 5 stars the maximum you can get?"

Will Michael be rewarded for his ambitious menu, Will he get those coveted 5 stars?

Tune in on Sunday April 17th at 7.30pm on RTÉ ONE


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