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Tom Doorley

"A little bit of sticky sweet chilli sauce underneath those magnificent Vietnamese vegetable rolls was a bit iffy but I was able to rinse it off in that magnificent dip, so that's my worst, my best was the combination of the impeccably fresh cooked turbot with con cannon that was transformed for me from being a nice dish into something that I think I described it as transcendental when I was eating it, now that doesn't often happen and that's my best."

Paul Rankin

"There's a couple of little things that grated on me, the texture and the thickness of the base that went with the scallops otherwise it would have been an absolutely stellar dish but for me the biggest biggest surprise was how super and clear and confident the presentation was on the main courses."

Paolo Tullio

"Of all the dishes you presented that were all carefully thought through beautifully balanced, I thought the Crème Brûlée just seemed at bit, in other menus I might have had that as a highlight but in this menu it seems the least exciting, I don't think we have ever eaten this well in this Restaurant I think its probably the best meal we've ever had."

5 stars

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