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Tom McGurk

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Tom McGurk is an award-winning journalist, current affairs broadcaster and the main anchor in Ireland's Heineken Cup and 6-Nations Rugby coverage. Tonight he leaves the world of rugby tackles behind him as he dons his apron and tackles the diners and critics in 'The Restaurant'.

Tom is a keen cook. He believes that "food is at the centre of everything..I suppose there's 3 elemental facts, there's birth, there's death and there's food and it is in the middle, and while we are alive and well we should enjoy it"

Tom thought long and hard about the dishes he selected for his menu. He wanted to take on the "tyranny of the suburbanites" and so he went back to nature for his menu. All of his dishes are created from native produce, that is grown or caught in Ireland. He is passionate about organic vegetables and wild food and says "When I think of the Irish countryside I think of naturally produced animals, rather than husbandry. So I went for game. I went for partridge and pheasant and I went for wild salmon. I have a love affair, a deep passionate love affair with the blackberry, so we have blackberry pie'

His unusual menu sparked much comment amongst our diners, they thought that his starter 'Spears and Tears' and main course 'Mount Leinster Brace' were obvious clues to indicate that a rugby player such as O'Driscoll was in the kitchen, but the name 'Spears and Tears' actually came from the asparagus spears in the dish and as Tom lives beside Mount Leinster in Carlow that is where the main course 'Mount Leinster Brace' came from.

Tom McGurk
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