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Tom McGurk

Jilly Goolden

Jilly Goolden is a well-known British wine critic, food journalist and broadcaster. Jilly co-presented the 'Food and Drink' programme on BBC2 for 18 years and it was on this programme that she became famous for her wildly abstract and outrageous descriptions of wine.

Jilly has also presented 'The Great Antiques Hunt' and 'Going Going Gone' for the BBC, but has recently become famous for taking part in ITV's 5th series of 'I'm a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here' in which she lived in the Australian jungle with fellow celebrities and feasted on gourmet delights such as insects!

What the critics thought...

Jilly Goolden

"My favourite was the salmon, I thought your ingredients for the salmon were absolutely exquisite. I've never bought ingredients like that and I've never been able to make salmon taste as gorgeous. It was difficult to find a low spot. But the peppers I felt inked in a gap. That you had 2 rather witty starters and then you had your roast peppers and I thought that they didn't have astonishing flavour"

Tom Doorley

"I thought your mother's vegetable soup with blue cheese was an extremely good cheese soup.I just couldn't detect any identifiable vegetable in it but it was a very pleasant experience to actually eat. The asparagus were as tough as the hob of hell and they had to compete with the ham and they didn't win"

Paolo Tullio

"I'm going to choose from what I liked least and that was probably the same reason why Tom didn't like the asparagus. I thought the peppers were not very good. They were a little hard and not wildly exciting. The best, I have a few choices, a lot of things I could pick, but I'm going to pick the Blackberry Splendid because I thought they were basically splendid"

Guest Critic - Jilly Goolden
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