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John McGuire

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John McGuire has become a household name since his popular TV series 'I'm An Adult, Get Me Out Of Here' was first broadcast on RTÉ Two. In this programme, John advises young people still living at home how to cut the apron strings and move into a property of their own. Tonight on the ‘The Restaurant’ however, John has his own apron strings very firmly tied.

John’s task tonight is to convince critics Tom Doorley, Paolo Tullio and their guest, Ross Lewis of Chapter One, that his menu of good ingredients, simply cooked should get a 5-star rating.

John enjoys his food but says that ‘they are generally simple foods ... and the meals I have gone for today are pretty much the meals I go for when I go out’ John was very involved in sourcing the produce he wanted to cook, such as his ‘Grain-fed Beef’ saying ‘good quality meats and fish, cooked well. So its nothing too complicated, but it should be really enjoyable’

He knows that his choices are slightly risky especially his starter ‘Chicken Wings’ and he knows that the judges will raise an eyebrow at that ‘some of my dishes, they won’t be too overly impressed with. I can’t imagine them singing my praises for putting chicken wings on it’ Another offbeat choice is his dessert ‘Strong Cheese Plate’ with which he serves one of his favourite drinks - a Bushmill’s 21 year-old Whiskey ‘I’ve gone for all the cheeses that I love eating, now its pretty strong, so it’s a bit risky and its washed down with the Bushmill’s’

When not appearing on TV John, not surprisingly, is also a risk-taker. He has been in the Mortgage business since he was 24 and opened his own Mortgage Brokerage called ‘First Credit’ at just 29. He is currently recording a new series of ‘I’m An Adult Get Me Out Of Here’ which will be broadcast in 2007.

But for this successful property man, tonight there’s only one room in the house he will be focusing on - the kitchen!

John McGuire
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