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Ross Lewis

Ross Lewis was awarded his first Michelin Star in January this year. He got the news in the early hours of the morning, and despite enormous demands on his time from media outlets nationwide, Ross still managed to travel to Glasson and check into ‘Wineport Lodge’ that afternoon on time. Within the hour, he was ready to take his place at the critic’s table in ‘The Restaurant’, an appointment that was arranged months earlier with no knowledge of how important that day would be.

It is this professionalism and dedication to the job in hand that endears Ross to all who know him. Since the Michelin accolade, praise has been lavished on ‘Chapter One’, his Dublin City Centre restaurant, which he started along with business partner Martin Corbett back in 1992.

Despite the location of his restaurant, Ross is actually from the Rebel County of Cork. After he graduated from University College there, he travelled extensively, working in the food industry in New York, London and Switzerland. Eventually, his desire to open his own restaurant brought him back to Ireland where he became immersed in Ireland’s burgeoning food culture.

Ross is a great believer in using local artisan produced ingredients and organic produce in his restaurant. He also promotes these causes through his membership of the ‘Taste Council of Ireland’ and ‘Eurotoques Ireland’.

Guest Critic - Ross Lewis
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