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Mary Kennedy

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Mary Kennedy started out her career as a teacher, but she moved into broadcasting when she started working in RTE as a continuity announcer and then a newscaster. She has since gone on to present the Eurovision Song Contest in 1995, and hosted her own chat show Kennedy and co-hosted Open House with Marty Whelan. Nowadays she travels the length and breadth of Ireland bringing us regional stories on Nationwide with Michael Ryan.

Mary took some time out of her busy schedule to revisit the restaurant kitchen for our special 2 star cook off, and Mary admits that things didn't go very well the last time she appeared on The Restaurant ..

'I did very badly. I suppose I was flying a flag for simple cooking. I'm not sure that I made the right choice about coming back here. I'm very nervous' But Mary feels slightly more prepared for the task now, especially having taking cookery a little more seriously given that she has a little more time to practise.. 'I've gone to a couple of cookery classes over the years. I've developed more of an interest in the process of cooking . I think everybody makes an effort, but maybe now I would be a little more adventurous. I'm big on presentation this time'

And she has also brought something different to the kitchen this time. 'I'm not a competitive person by nature but I do have a sense of competition this time'

When it comes to the starter, Mary has definite ideas for what works and what doesn't . 'I don't like too much of anything, I do like lots of different flavours and lots of different tastes .. I am quite happy that everyone will be well served'

Mary has chosen her main course to complement her starter, she is looking for balance in her menu.. 'Looking at that as being a nice gentle main course after quite a spicy starter, there's nothing worse than feeling too full I think after you've had dinner. That's just a bad result as far as I'm concerned'

Its looks like a lot of work, but Mary is sure that she will be up to the task when it comes to serving her ambitious dessert. 'Its just a nice satisfaction for people's sweet taste buds at the end of the meal and again, I'm not envisaging any difficulties in having everything ready on time'

Mary and Simon