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Mary Kingston

Mary Kingston has entertained a generation of Irish children on television.

As a presenter of Scratch Saturday and The Disney Club, Mary's distinctive personality has kept the nation's kid in thrall as she presents a unique blend of entertainment, information and just plain silliness.

Originally from West Cork, Mary loves to travel and has visited 55 countries, gathering material for her "Fantastic Far-Flung Facts for Fun" section of The Disney Club and a companion book, published by O'Brien Press.

Mary is a lifetime vegetarian and she looks forward to cooking in The Restaurant.

She wants to make sure that the food she presents to our diners is interesting and devoid of the red-lentils-and-hemp-sandals image that still clings to vegetarian food in some pockets of the popular imagination.

Mary looks forward to the day when omlettes, pasta and hummus will not be the only dishes regularly available to the growing population of Irish vegetarians.

"Just because it's veggie", she says, "doesn't mean it has to be boring too".

Not content with presenting children's television, Mary has taken it upon herself (with the help of her husband, of course) to personally expand the audience for her show.

In early 2005 she gave birth to her first child. Fionn, the Blonde Haired Warrior (for it is he), will no doubt be rooting for Mary as she takes on the challenge of serving a vegetarian menu to a roomful of diners, many of whom are devoted carnivores.

Will Mary Kingston's menu make the critics go all Goofy? Or will they think it's all a bit Mickey Mouse? Find out in The Restaurant.

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Mary Kingston
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