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Solicitor and Corkman Gerald Kean is one of Ireland’s best known legal eagles. He is a tireless charity benefactor, a raconteur (public speaking a specialty) and a bon vivant …. and now it seems he knows a thing or two about cooking. So he leaves behind the land of wigs and gowns and dons his chef whites to try to win over the critics and diners at ‘The Restaurant’ with his 3-course menu.

Gerald founded his solicitor’s practice, Kean and Co., more than fifteen years ago and it is now one of the best known solicitors firms in the country. They have  built up a formidable reputation in the area of entertainment, acting of behalf of people such as Jim Kerr, Simon le Bon, Ronan Keating, George Michael, Jerry Lee Lewis and the late Johnny Cash.

Being a football fan himself – a Manchester United die-hard – it is no surprise that Gerald’s company also specialises in sporting law and they also represent more than 40 Premiership League footballers.

Gerald has been more used to dining on company business rather than cooking at home for most of his adult life, but a chance meeting with celebrity chef Jamie Oliver one evening changed all that. Jamie taught Dr Kean a few lessons about making good food quickly and simply and he has been practising ever since.

Gerald brings some of his favourite dishes to his menu at Wineport Lodge and he is looking for accolades, he wants 5 stars. Can this Legal Eagle win the Culinary Crown or will his menu be relegated to the 4th division?

Gerald Kean
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