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John Murray is the popular presenter of The John Murray Show on RTÉ Radio 1. John studied Journalism in Rathmines and got his first job as a junior reporter with the Tallaght Echo.

During his career he has worked with The Cork Examiner and Cork 96FM. He was Media Advisor to Mary Harney and the Progressive Democrats and was later appointed the Deputy Government Press Secretary.

He first came to national attention when he joined Morning Ireland as their business reporter and later he got his first radio show called The Business.

For all his success in the world of journalism John has spent most of his married life trying to prove his ability in the kitchen.

"My wife over the years has pushed me out of the way when it comes to the cooking. I've made some great efforts to improve and then she comes over my shoulder and pushes me out of the way."

So John embraced The Restaurant challenge and hopes that the experience will prove once and for all what he can achieve with a few pots and pans...

"I've been striving valiantly over the last few years to become a better cook for my grown up children and to move the wife out of the way, so this is my opportunity to show that I can actually do it. and do it in style."

For his starters at The Restaurant, John will serve Braised Lamb's Kidneys with a Mustard Sauce and a Trio of Goatsbridge Trout.

"I'm a big fan of trout and I thought in celebration of trout that I'd provide them in three different forms. I had the kidneys about a year ago and I said, wouldn't that be, if you were throwing a dinner party, wouldn't that be a nice dish to throw up?"

For his main courses John will serve Organic Angus Beef with Roast Vegetables and a Red Wine Jus and Tandoori Roast Chicken with Cumin Potatoes and Grilled Vegetables.

"I'm a big fan of Indian food. I decided to do a Tandoori roast chicken and I think it's going to be a very tasty dish."

To round off his meal John will serve Bread and Butter Pudding with Whiskey Soaked Raisins and a Rhubarb and Ginger Crumble.

"I do think they have made a bit of a come back, traditional desserts, maybe it's because we're in recession and people are going back to what they were used to. In my day, when I was growing up, it was stale bread that was used in the bread and butter pudding so we're getting a bit posh today."

Being the top journalist that he is, John couldn't resist sharing his 'kitchen scoop' with the chefs - the cure for crying while peeling onions.

We received an email from a listener told us the best way to cut an onion is to put a piece of bread in your mouth. You stick it in your mouth and it absorbs the vapour, so there.

He also brought along his own vegetables for the main courses, straight from the RTÉ allotment.

And just how many stars does John Murray hope to win at the end of his day in the kitchen?

If I got 3 or 4 stars, I'd be thrilled skinny, in fact I think I said I'd do a lap of the restaurant if I got 5

Will John be doing that lap of the restaurant after he serves up his 3-course menu?

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