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Clodagh McKenna, Guest Critic

Clodagh McKenna trained as a chef at Ballymaloe Cookery School and then went on to work as a chef in Ballymaloe House for three years. After an inspiring visit to the Midleton Market, Clodagh decided to leave the kitchen and set up her own stall at the local market. Soon after, Clodagh was developing other farmers markets around Ireland.

Currently, she writes a monthly column for The Gloss Magazine and contributes to Cara Magazine, Image Interiors, RED Magazine and Delicious Magazine.

Clodagh has appeared as a cook and promoter of local produce on Saturday Cooks, Saturday Kitchen and RTE's The Afternoon Show and she is a regular chef presenter for UKTV's Market Kitchen. Her first book The Irish Farmers' Market Cookbook was published in 2006 and a TV series called Fresh from the Farmers Markets to accompany the book aired on RTÉ in 2007 and her book Fresh From the Sea was published to coincide with her RTÉ series.

In 2010, Clodagh opened a cookery school at the Village at Lyons in Co Kildare. She also opened the Canal Cafe along with a kitchen store called The General Store. She has also oganised a Farmers Market every Friday at the Village at Lyons, which features some of her favourite producers from around the country.


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