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John Murray's Menu

Tom Doorley

"My best really surprised me because when I saw Rhubarb and ginger crumble I thought that's going to be a bit heavy at the end of a meal like this and I found myself really scoffing not quite the lot but a great deal of it because it was so light and delicate. My worst, em honest dough there is there is scope to dwell on a number of issues when I saw cumin potatoes I said oh yeah great and when they came out they were sort of greasy and flabby and really really truly horrible."

Clodagh McKenna

"The trio was absolutely beautiful together I love that little bisc powder that you did that was gorgeous, now my worst was, not the chicken but was on the chicken, the potatoes and the vegetables I don't think kinda lived up to the star on the table."

Paolo Tullio

"I thought this was a menu that gave a lot of pleasure and it was very nearly one of the greats, the thing i enjoyed eating the most was the steak I thought it was absolutely gorgeous, beautifully sourced beautifully cooked , I have a particular hatred for cooked sweet peppers that haven't been skinned so that's going to be my worst but apart from that I think you put together a good meal."

3 stars

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