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Ian Dempsey first came to our attention in the company of two aliens Zig and Zag on the iconic kids TV show 'Dempsey's Den'. He has since conquered the airwaves with his Today FM morning radio show which is famous for its daily helping of Gift Grub with Mario Rosenstock...

On The Restaurant, Broadcaster and DJ Ian Dempsey is concentrating on his own grub and he's hoping for a 5 star rating from the resident Critics Paolo Tullio and Tom Doorley and the guest critic, Lucinda O'Sullivan from The Sunday Independent.

When it comes to cooking Ian follows a strict plan...

"My approach to cooking is quite masculine. I follow it through, A,B,C, D and at the end, I take it out and it looks like it does in the book..."

For his starters at The Restaurant, Ian will serve 'JFK Lobster Lidded Soup' and 'Mini Bloody Mary Burgers'. The reason for the latter is simple...

I've always liked the taste of Bloody Mary's, I think they're great, and I've always thought to myself, what about trying to get that taste into food?

And the inspiration for his'JFK lidder lobster soup'?

Actually its JFK, apparently it was his favourite soup, I read it in a Cara magazine, The AerLingus in-flight magazine and I cut it out, and I stole the page from the Cara Magazine.

For his main courses Ian hopes to impress the critics with his Tagliatelle with lightly curried prawns and Swedish Meatballs.

"You know I've got the tagliatelle and we normally do it with chicken, but the original recipe that I got was with prawns, so I'd like to try it with prawns - its quite unusual, I haven't tasted that kind of a blend."

The meatballs are a family favourite, but he thinks cooking for a restaurant full of diners might be tough.

"It takes me a long time to do. I start at midday and keep going. It would be easier to just jump in the car, up the M50 to Ikea and come back with a wardrobe and meatballs."

Ian will round off his meal with his deeply bitter chocolate Mousse and - 'The Bomb', The Bomb is another family favourite and is really easy to make..

"This is where meringues are all kind of broken up. I just like the violence in that particular one."

But the fear of the critics is there and as his day at the restaurant loomed closer, Ian started to worry

I had a dream and they had the card and I opened it and it was blank - it's not possible to get zero stars is it??

When it comes to the critics, Ian envies them..

They have a great life though, don't they? All the same, when you think about it

This week, Ian will have one of the top restaurant critics in the country eating his food, Sunday Independent restaurant reviewer Lucinda O'Sullivan

To see how Ian Dempsey gets on when he dons the chef's uniform fora day, tune in to RTÉ ONE Sunday 3rdApril 7.30 pm


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