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Ian Dempsey's Menu

Tom Doorley

"My best would probably be the bisque, it was wholesome, there was a sweetness to it, but there was plenty of shellfish in there. I think it worked. I even liked the bit of puff pastry on top, gave a bit of soakage to it."

"My worst, I have to say, the red cabbage with the swedish meatballs. I thought it was just too sharp, just way too sharp."


"Well Ian, I thought that if it wasn't a teenager tonight, then it was going to be a size 6 supermodel who doesn't eat. Because it was the most extraordinary fusion-confusion menu I have ever seen."

"My best dish was the bomb, sort of an Eton Mess confection, though I'm afraid stick to the day job."

Paolo Tullio

"Well I find myself in the curious position, I'm going to say to you my best and worst were actually one and the same dish."

"The best because I enjoyed your mini burgers , I really did, I thought they were tasty, they were well made. I'm going to pick them as my worst as well because I really don't think that they should have been on a restaurant menu. So I am going to pick them as my best and my worst."

5 stars

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