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Guest Chefs

Series Six

Kate O'Toole 4 stars

This week’s secret chef is acclaimed actress Kate O’Toole who plays Lady Salisbury in the multi award-winning drama ‘The Tudors’. Growing up with famous acting parents Peter O'Toole and Siân Phillips, Kate had traveled a great deal before she herself settled to live New York after studying drama at Yale University.

Frank McNamara 2 stars

Frank is a composer and music arranger who has worked all over the world, but will always be best known to generations of Irish people and the musical director of the Late Late Show with host Gay Byrne. Frank is also a passionate foodie and when he entered the kitchen with his trademark enthusiasm and energy, he also had a clear mission...

Dermot Bannon 5 stars

Dermot Bannon is best known as the charming, straight talking presenter of the hugely successful RTÉ makeover show 'Room to Improve', which will return to our screens for a new series in January.

Ciara O'Callaghan 4 stars

Actress Ciara O'Callaghan is best known to Irish audiences for the character of Yvonne Doyle whom she plays in RTE's top soap Fair City. Ciara’s alter ego Yvonne co-owns ‘The Bistro’ in the fictional Carrigstown and Ciara herself is an accomplished amateur cook and a keen wine buff.

Dominic Mafham 4 stars

Dominic Mafham is the head chef in 'The Restaurant' this week. The London-born actor is best known to Irish viewers as the womanizing plastic surgeon Mr. Dan Woodhouse in RTÉ's top rated drama The Clinic.

Des Cahill 5 stars

Des Cahill is one of Ireland's best-known broadcasters, presenting popular TV shows such as The Road To Croker and Up For The Match as well as hosting Drivetime Sport daily on Radio 1. It's all to play for as Des this week as he takes on the role of head chef in The Restaurant.

Jessica Kürten 2 stars

Showjumper Jessica Kürten has represented Ireland twice at the Olympic Games and is currently ranked number six in the world. This week she will look to her idyllic childhood in the village of Cullybacke, Co. Antrim for culinary inspiration.

Michael Healy-Rae 3 stars

Michael Healy-Rae is famous for politics, his love of Kerry and now - his passion for food. The culinary side of the popular politician will be exposed when Michael takes over as head chef in ‘The Restaurant’ and kicks off a brand new series of the top rating cookery show on Sunday, November 16th.

Mary Wilson 3 stars

This week on the Restaurant Journalist and Broadcaster Mary Wilson leaves behind the cut and thrust of politics and immerses herself in her passion for cooking and good food.

Kevin Myers 5 stars

Tonight's head chef is a journalist who has written about conflicts all over the world. But nowadays he writes closer to home, and his commentary on diverse subjects never fails to spark debate.

Keith Barry 2 stars

This week the head chef in ‘The Restaurant’ is Waterford-born Magician, Keith Barry. Keith is a master of illusion and his talents have brought him international fame. But tonight he leaves the world of illusion behind and gets to grip with reality by creating a 3-course menu for a restaurant full of diners and critics.

Pamela Flood 3 stars

Pamela Flood first came to our attention in 1993, when she was crowned Ms Ireland. She then went on to enjoy a hugely successful career in modeling and her career changed direction in 1997 when she joined RTE as a continuity officer.

Ray D'Arcy 3 stars

Ray D'Arcy, survived 8 years in a TV Den with 2 Aliens, a Sock and a Turkey - but can he survive one day in a kitchen with 3 chefs, a menu and a table of critics?

Gerald Kean 4 stars

Gerald Kean who recently turned 50, received his education at De La Salle, Wicklow followed by a Bachelor of Civil Law Degree from University College Dublin..

Last Season

Ruth Scott - 3 stars

Ruth Scott felt like she was coming home when she arrived at Wineport Lodge, armed with nothing but her menu to take on 'The Restaurant' challenge.

John McGuire - 3 stars

John McGuire has become a household name since his popular TV series 'I'm An Adult, Get Me Out Of Here' was first broadcast on RTÉ Two.

Tony Fenton - 4 stars

Tonight's Head Chef is an Irish institution. His voice is instantly recognisable to radio audiences all over the country. He has hosted pop music programmes for decades on pirate radio, 2FM and currently on Today FM.

Lisa Burke - 4 stars

Lisa Burke was born in Ireland and grew up in Co Carlow until she was 10, at which point her family moved to Ilford in Essex.

Tom McGurk - 3 stars

Tom McGurk is an award-winning journalist, current affairs broadcaster and the main anchor in Ireland's Heineken Cup and 6-Nations Rugby coverage.

John Waters - 2 stars

John is best known for his weekly column in The Irish Times and also for his books - the bestselling 'Jiving at the Crossroads', about the cultural underbelly of Irish politics and 'Race of Angels' a study of the roots of U2's music in Irish history and culture.

Bill Cullen - 4 stars

Bill Cullen grew up in Dublin's inner city and is famous for selling penny apples on the streets alongside his mother Mary and Granmother Molly Darcy. In 1956, when he was just 13 years old, he went to work for Waldens Ford Dealership as a messenger boy for £1 a week.

Amanda Brunker - 5 stars

Amanda Brunker was crowned Miss Ireland when she was just 17 years old. Since then she has pursued a variety of careers including Modelling, Night Club Hostess, Social Diarist, Broadcaster and Journalist.

Ruairi Quinn - 3 stars

Ruairi Quinn has been an active politician for much of his adult life. As Head Chef for Christmas Ruairi is hoping his menu will bring seasonal cheer to our diners and critics.

Eanna Ní Lamhna - 3 stars

An experienced radio and television broadcaster and a fluent Irish speaker, her distinctive voice is so well known that she is even imitated on TV commercials.

Mary Kingston - 4 stars

As a presenter of Scratch Saturday and The Disney Club, Mary's distinctive personality has kept the nation's kids in thrall.

Helen Dillon -

Helen Dillon has been at the front of international horticulture for many years. The Dillon Garden, has received more awards than you could shake a garden rake at.

Dana -

Dana first came to the attention of the public in 1970 when she became the first Irish winner of the Eurovision Song Contest. Will her menu be a chart topping hit, or a mish mash of 'All Kinds of Everything'?

Peter Kelly -

One name has been on the lips of anyone getting married in Ireland over the last few years - Franc a.k.a. Peter Kelly. Will his menu come together like a marriage made in heaven?

Jon Kenny -

Jon Kenny brings his sense of humour to the kitchen but will his menu provide the punch line he wants, or will the critics have the last laugh?

Bláthnaid Ní Chofaigh -

Bláthnaid Ní Chofaigh is an accomplished journalist, presenter and broadcaster. Will the critics' praise be heard tonight, or will Bláthnaid's food be greeted with stony silence?

Enda Kenny -

Enda Kenny has represented the people of Mayo in Dáil Eireann since 1975 but will his menu be passed at the first reading, or will the critics demand that it be first debated examined at committee stage?

Dermot O'Neill -

Dermot O'Neill, one of Ireland's best-loved gardening personalities, is well known for his contributions to many RTÉ programmes. Dermot knows how to sow and harvest good food, but how will he get on when it comes to cooking it?

Simon Delaney -

Dublin born Simon Delaney is a man who has worn many different hats during his life. Most of us will remember him as the ne'er do well lawyer, Michael, one of the characters from the hit TV drama "Bachelors Walk".

Cathy Kelly -

Cathy Kelly is one of Ireland's favourite authors. She has written seven novels to date, all of which have been international best sellers.

Diarmuid Gavin -

Diarmuid Gavin is one of the mavericks of the world of garden design. His innovative work has helped to make his gardening programmes amongst the most watched on television.

Caroline Morahan -

This week's head chef in the Restaurant is Caroline Morahan, well known to TV viewers as the presenter of Off The Rails and Fame Game, On The Run. A graduate of Dublin City University, Caroline has also worked as a fashion and social columnist for the Evening Herald.

Leo Enright -

The Restaurant's head chef for this week is broadcaster and author Leo Enright, who has broadcast live commentaries on every major space event since the first Moon landing. Will Leo's theories hold up as his menu unfolds before the diners - or will he be sent packing back to the lab to cook up something more adventurous?

Gavin Lambe Murphy -

Gavin Lambe Murphy is a regular fixture on the Dublin Social scene, and is Gavin is no stranger to television, having appeared on shows such as Celebrity Farm on RTÉ One and Young, Posh and Loaded. Will Gavin's menu get the party started for our diners - or will Gavin need to use all his charm reserves in pursuit of a 5 star rating?

Gillian Bowler -

As the founder of Budget Travel, Gillian Bowler has had a huge public profile in tourism for almost three decades. Will Gillian's menu bring Mediterranean sunshine into the lives of our diners - or will the cry be, "It's not like the food we had in that little bistro in Corfu!?"

George Hook and Brent Pope -

George Hook is a Rugby analyst for the Sunday Independent, and he and his cooking partner, Brent Pope are the mainstays of RTE television's rugby coverage;and he currently presents the daily drive time programme, The Right Hook, on Newstalk 106 Radio. Having made it to the kitchen will George and Brent's menu be awarded the triple crown by our critics; or are the guys destined for a whack of the culinary wooden spoon?

Anna Nolan -

Anna came to fame on the first ever Big Brother reality TV show - she's since presented many TV shows including her own series for RTÉ "Ask Anna". Will her menu make our critics sit up and take notice, or will she be advised to "stick to the day job"?

Ted Walsh -

Ted Walsh is one of the best known race horse trainers in the country, and a firm believer in honest food with large portions. Will Ted enjoy a tour of the winner's enclosure tonight, or will the critics insist on putting his menu out to grass? Find out in The Restaurant.

Paul Costelloe -

Paul Costelloe is a native of Dublin, but has gained a wordwide reputation as a master in the field of design. So, having made the transition from catwalk to kitchen, will Paul Costelloe's "edible collection" be a triumph or will his delicious designs leave the critics cold?

Joe Duffy -

As the presenter of Liveline on RTE Radio 1, Joe Duffy listens to the nation every day and is one of the most influential media players in Ireland, but how will he take the advice of our chef team? Once the critics have eaten his food, will they want to "talk to Joe"? Find out in The Restaurant. Find out in The Restaurant.

Celia Larkin -

Celia Larkin is one of Ireland's most sought after beauty and style consultants and owner of Dublin based "Blue Door" salons. Will Celia's food be the belle of the ball or will our critics send it back to the kitchen for a face-lift?

Tracy Piggott -

Tracy Piggott is one of RTE's front line sports commentators. Will her menu romp home as a racing certainty? Or will Tracy fail to impress the critics and stumble on the home straight?

Twink -

Celebrity chef and the undisputed queen of the Christmas Panto, Adele King, a.k.a. 'Twink', is a leading light in the Irish entertainment business, but how will this star shine with her supporting cast of chefs?

Roddy Collins and Bill Hughes -

For our special New Year's Eve show, we've dropped two chefs in the soup. Bill Hughes, record producer and media mogul, was surely able to dish it out as a judge on Popstars, but can he take the heat in our Kitchen? Roddy Collins may know his way around a football pitch but he's about to find out that we don't play extra time in The Restaurant!

The Restaurant Team
The Restaurant Team