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Gerald Kean's first stint on The Restaurant was way back in 2003. Eight years on and he felt it was time to don the chef's hat again and go head to head in a cook-off against Gerald Kean.

A long-term Francophile, Joe will include Foie Gras again this time around as he did the first time he cooked on the show, as well as a Saltimbocca, a classical Italian dish where veal is wrapped in prosciutto.

Joe's dessert is a nod to his recently published autobiography "Just Joe", which was almost called "Footprints in the Custard" - a reference to an incident he observed on the bus as a youngster, involving a spilled pot of custard and an embarrassed lady who was down on her luck.

As anchor of RTE Radio One's Liveline show, Joe broadcasts into kitchens across the country every weekday, but when he steps in to the professional kitchen again how will the nations best listener deal with the comments from the restaurant floor, and after eating his food will the critics want to "Talk to Joe"?

Tune in Sunday 25th December on RTÉ One at 7.00pm


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