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The Restaurant
The Restaurant RTÉ One, Sunday, 8.30pm

Diarmuid Gavin

Tom Doorley:

"The mushrooms were absolutely fantastic. I came with a hairsbreadth of licking the plate. The goose was my least favourite . While it was very tasty dish - and the stuffing was good - it didn't taste very much like goose."

Paolo Tullio:

"I was delighted to find Diarmuid serving real salmon, and cooked cooked to perfection, absolutely superb. The fennel and watercress was more decorative than flavoursome.

Neven Maguire:

"My favourite was the mushrooms: Diarmuid kept it simple with garlic, a little bit of parsley, the brioche - well done. I have to nit-pick to find my least favourite, and that was the steamed chocolate pudding. The ice cream was excellent, but the pudding itself was a wee bit heavy."

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