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Frank McNamara is the celebrity chef at the restaurant this week. Frank is a composer and music arranger who has worked all over the world, but will always be best known to generations of Irish people and the musical director of the Late Late Show with host Gay Byrne. Frank is also a passionate foodie and when he entered the kitchen with his trademark enthusiasm and energy, he also had a clear mission..

'I love food to be interesting, sensual, wonderful flavours and enjoy every morsel that goes into your mouth'

Food plays a big part in Frank's life and when he is at home, Frank can often be found cooking meals for his wife Therese Lowe and their four children and indeed brought one of the family favourites along to his menu tonight, Vodka and Chicken Penne.

Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but hopefully tonight, the critics will love what I have done.

Frank's 3-course menu reflects his touring and performing lifestyle with Russian and South Pacific influences evident in his starters, of Watermelon steak and Russian Roulegg.

A Mediterranean influence is clear in Frank's main courses, his Baked Fillet of Turbot with a Champagne and Chorizo Sauce and Vodka and Chicken Penne

'One is a bit sophisticated and takes a little longer to prepare and tastes absolutely fantasitic, the other is really simple dish. I like to be able to cook something really fast and have a good taste'

And Frank placed a very firm clue in his desserts, in honour of the first symphony that he wrote at age 15, Frank's curtain call at desserts will be a Symphony of Chocolate comprising four separate chocolate dishes and a Brown Bread Soufflé with Brown Bread Ice Cream

Will Frank impress the diners and critics at the Wineport Lodge this week? Resident critics Paolo Tullio and Tom Doorley will be joined by food writer and restaurateur Domini Kemp and how many stars Frank gets is down to them.

Frank McNamara
Frank McNamara
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