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The Restaurant
The Restaurant RTÉ One, Sunday, 8.30pm

Frank McNamara

Tom Doorley

'The best, I have to say I loved the flavour and the idea of the Brown Bread Soufflé. I really like that idea cos you're taking quite an unusual flavour and you're doing something unusual with it. I loved the idea of pouring in the Crème Anglaise. I thought there was a nice bit of theatre to that .... My worst I have to say, the vegetables with the turbot. The sugar peas were rather stringy, the carrot which was mushy and over-cooked. I have to say though, by contrast the actual little basket, the little crisp potato basket was fab and I ate every scrap of that'

Domini Kemp

‘You started off really well, the starters were excellent, both the watermelon and the egg starter, that was probably my favourite. I thought the flavours in that were gorgeous. Certainly the turbot, I just thought you cooked the hell out of it. You know it’s a really big, beautiful, very expensive piece of fish and you have to treat it with loving care, and I just thought you’d been a bit aggressive with the heat with that’

Paolo Tullio

‘I thought the watermelon done on the barbeque was really good, I might even copy it. I do obviously have a problem as an italian, with pasta as a main course, because its not how we do it. It’s a starter. But even as a dish, we had a little bit too many elements in here, they didn’t really combine into any sauce, so I’m going to pick that as what I liked the least’

Guest Critic - Domini Kemp
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