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Pamela Flood first came to our attention in 1993, when she was crowned Ms Ireland. She then went on to enjoy a hugely successful career in modeling and her career changed direction in 1997 when she joined RTE as a continuity officer. She held this position for three years until she got her big TV break in 2001, when she was offered the role of co-presenter on RTE’s top rating fashion show ‘Off The Rails’, a job she is ideally suited to and clearly loves.
Outside of work Pamela’s enjoys going to the cinema and watching TV, and occasionally drags herself from the couch to go for long walks. Pamela is also a passionate foodie and although it comes as no surprise to learn that she avoids junk food and also steers clear of red meat. Her only failing is her love of chocolate!
On accepting the role of Head Chef, Pamela was nervous “I’m hoping the chefs will be sweet and nice to me and give me lots of help because I think I will need lots of help. I expect that its going to be hectic, its going to be crazy, but I’m totally looking forward to it. I’m really up for this”

Pamela gave a lot of thought to her starters as she sees them as a lead in to the main event, the main courses “The reason I chose these starters is I wanted something light and really tasty which is what I think both of them are. I also don’t want them to interfere too much with my appetite. I want to enjoy my main course so I want to keep the starters nice and small”

When it came to her mains, Pamela was sure of one thing, there would be no red meat, as she is not a fan. She was also interested in clean tastes and flavours, allowing the good ingredients to speak for themselves “I chose chicken and fish for my main courses because well number one, I’m not really a red meat eater, that’s why it won’t feature there. I like clean fresh tasty food, I don’t like anything covered in sauces. I want to be able to taste the meat, taste the fish”

It was clear that Pamela had the most fun with her dessert course. She is a huge chocolate fan and wanted to give a little clue to people as to who was in the kitchen. She also included her favourite childhood dessert, Pavlova “For my desserts I am serving individual pavlovas and chocolate boxes. The reason being I have an incredibly sweet tooth. Pavlova I have made since I was about 12 years old, its a real family favourite, so that had to go in. And the chocolate boxes, well chocolate, it speaks for itself.

Will our critics tonight crown Pamela a 5-star Chef at The Restaurant or will she tumble on this kitchen cat walk?

Pamela Flood
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