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The Restaurant
The Restaurant RTÉ One, Sunday, 8.30pm

Pamela Flood

Tom Doorley
“I was horrified by the chicken, it had zero flavour. And I really wish that that had been brilliant, free-range chicken with real flavour. But it really tasted like tofu.  The best on the other hand was the pavlova, because it was beautifully simple, and I thought it had perfect balance, it had ying and yang, and it was absolutley gorgeous”.

Ross Lewis
“I thought the sea bass was fantastically cooked, the skin, the seasoning right. There were oranges on it, so the citrus balanced the richness of the fish. The fennell wasn’t quite right, but it was nearly right. People always make the mistake where they think it should be al dente, but it shouldn’t. It should be just over that point.  But altogether, what a fantastic meal”.

Paolo Tulio
“For the best, I don’t think there is much question, I thought the sea bass was spectacular, it was beautifully executed, looked fine on the plate, tasted great and it was perfectly cooked. You couldn’t do better than that. My worst was the smoked salmon. There was nothing wrong with it, I just thought it really wasn’t up to restaurant standards”.

Guest Critic - Ross Lewis
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