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The Restaurant RTÉ One, Sunday, 8.30pm

Tony Fenton

Tom Doorley

The highlight of the meal for me, was undoubtedly the monkfish. Because the monkfish was perfectly seasoned, it was perfectly cooked. The linguine with the lemon and the butter and all those details ... absolutely fantastic. Its actually very hard to find anything I could really complain about, which is most unusual for me but the silly little bits of sweet chilli stuff at either end of the prawns really got up my nose.

Paolo Tullio

I wasn't a big fan of that salad that came as a starter. Not because there was none of the individual elements I disliked. I liked every individual bit. I just think, it didn't cohere. As for my best I thought by far and away both your main courses.

Oliver Peyton

My palate is simple food and I thought the prawns were great. The sauce didn't bother me too much, mainly, it just didn't need them. But I thought that was my high point dish and that was because it was the simplest dish. Where I was struggling was the fact that I was looking for the Cashel Blue in the purée. If I didn't know there was Cashel Blue in there, I personally couldn't taste it. The purée would have been, it would have been very nice. Its just the fact that there were some extra words in there that I didn't think needed to be there.

Guest Critic - Oliver Peyton
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