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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is The Restaurant?

This year 'The Restaurant' has moved location to Co Westmeath, where filming took place at Wineport Lodge overlooking Lough Ree, in Glasson village. For further information on Wineport Lodge check out or call 09064 39010

What is the premise of the show?

In each programme a celebrity who is passionate about cooking gets a chance to become head chef in a real restaurant, with real staff and real diners. The chef devises their menu and selects their own wine list. A table of three critics comments on what the chef produces and ultimately gives them a star rating. The highest accolade is five stars.

How long does the celebrity spend in the kitchen?

The celebrity arrives at The Restaurant at 10.00am and starts working with the team. Their first task is to explain their menu to the kitchen staff. The chef will work with Dave on Starters, Stephen on the main courses and Louise on desserts. They prepare until 6.30pm. Diners come into the restaurant at 7.00pm. The Chef finally emerges from the Kitchen at 10.00pm to face the critics in the dining room.

Do the critics really not know the identity of the chef?

The critics and the diners are completely unaware of the chef's identity while they are eating. They only find out at the very end, once critics have made their decision on the star rating for the chef.

Who are the diners?

A researcher working on the show selects the diners. We are always looking for people who have a genuine interest in food and wine. People who regularly eat out. If this is you then use the comment section of the site to request a table. Do the diners pay for the meal? No. There is no charge for dining at The Restaurant. However, each celebrity chef nominates a charity and at the end of the evening diners are free to make a donation, should they so wish.

Can you book a table at The Restaurant?

No, but you can put your name on the list. Use the comment section of the site to say you would like to eat at The Restaurant.

How real are the staff?

Each member of the regular staff at The Restaurant is working, or has worked, in a professional capacity in some of the country's best restaurants. In fact, many of our staff have had experience working in the UK, the USA and Australia. They bring all their skills to bear on the task in hand: making sure that our celebrity " Head Chefs" get the most out of their day in The Restaurant.

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