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Leo Enright

Leo Enright is a former Head of Radio News with the Irish national broadcaster, RTE.

He was the network's Middle East Correspondent, before taking up posts as North America correspondent and later London Correspondent.

Most recently, he has been the BBC's correspondent in Ireland for more than a decade, before resigning to concentrate on personal projects in the area of public understanding of science.

He continues to broadcast regularly on BBC radio and television and on RTE.

He also contributes articles to national newspapers in Britain and Ireland.

He is the author (with Prof. Carl Sagan, Sir Bernard Lovell and others) of "The Encyclopaedia of Space Travel and Astronomy".

Leo Enright has broadcast live commentaries on every major space event since the first Moon landing.

In recognition of his work he was elected Fellow of the British Interplanetary Society in 1978.

In 2003, Leo was appointed Chairman of "Discover Science and Engineering", the Irish Government's national programme to co-ordinate public and private promotion of engineering and science at all levels in Irish society.

Leo brings a certain scientific flair to his stint in the kitchen of The Restaurant.

He believes it is possible to prepare good dishes without the need for extra salt, cream or butter.

Leo feels that much of the food served in restaurants today is fundamentally unhealthy as it depends on these additional ingredients for flavour.

Will Leo's theories hold up as his menu unfolds before the diners - or will he be sent packing back to the lab to cook up something more adventurous?

Find out as we countdown to Leo Enright's lift off in The Restaurant.

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Leo Enright
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