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London-born actor, Dominic Mafham is best known to Irish viewers as the womanizing plastic surgeon Mr. Dan Woodhouse in RTÉ’s top rated drama ‘The Clinic.’

Dominic loves food and cooking and spent a lot of time practising his dishes in preparation for his day in the restaurant, where he faced the challenge of cooking a 3-course menu to impress ‘The Restaurant’s’ diners and critics Paolo Tullio, Tom Doorley and Nick Munier.Dominic looked to his holidays for inspiration on the best dishes to serve..

‘.... I had a fantastic holiday in Umbria ,in Italy, its just a memory of that... They remind me of holidays ... They are quite zingy, they are light and clean and fresh, I hope everybody will like them’

Dominic’s starter of Salmon, Monkfish and Halibut Ceviche was a challenge, he knew that he had to get the pickle for the fish just right to impress the critics..

‘The important thing with this is the marinade, they have to marinade for a long time.... Marinating fish is brilliant because you still keep the texture of it’
Dominicresearched the market to find a veal ingredient that was kinder to the animals. He chose a rosé veal which uses unpenned calves that have better lives..

‘Veal has got a terrible stigma, because of crate veal. Calves taken away from their mother’s and stuck in horrible crates where they were deprived of light, deprived of freedom to move ... and they were treated really badly’

For the turbot Dominic put in something a little different a Cod Brandade ....

‘It’s a brandade, which I’d never heard of that word before, it sounds fancy, but basically its just mashed potato with folded in fish ....’

For Desserts Dominic chose to serve Berries with Shortcake Biscuits and Ricotta Cream and a Brioche Bread and Butter Pudding with Orange Ice Cream..

‘The bread and butter pudding is really school food, its comfort food and the other pudding is very simple, very clean, very fresh’
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