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The Restaurant RTÉ One, Sunday, 8.30pm

Dominic Mafham

Tom Doorley
Your Risotto, and Ozzo Bucco Milanese I thought was fantastic – it was the definition of something that particularily on a cold winters evening perhaps, you get this inside you and you feel so much better.

My worst also in the same dish, I felt the gremelata was a little bit apologetic. It was a little bit timid, I feel Gremelat has to be really gutsy, and its got to have lots of garlic, and be a bit more intense, but as a worst, thats a very minor worst.

Nick Munier
I think it was fantastic. The only thing I would say, if I had to find something, is the monkfish, I found it quite tough to slice it. Normally Cevich would be very thin slices, and that would be the only comment I could find. Mind you being a surgeon you should be able to slice...

Paolo Tullio
My worst – I would also go along with the Ceviche, if you want a marinadeto work its got to have the maximum surface area to work on and big pieces don’t really work so well.  There were a number of candidates for the best, but I am going to pick the Brioch bread and butter pudding because it was just fantastic, it was absolutely delicious. As indeed was many of the parts of this meal. So well done, terrific, well done.

Guest Critic - Nick Munier
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