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The Restaurant
The Restaurant RTÉ One, Sunday, 8.30pm

Helen Dillon

Tom Doorley:

" My least favourite thing tonight might sound like a nit-pick, but it was the inconsistency of the asparagus. The ones that were right were spot on, but when they were off, they were hard as the hob of hell. However, I loved the twice baked cheese soufflé , I thought that was super."

Paolo Tullio:

" My favourite tonight was the fish pie, I enjoyed it very much. I liked the ham and chicken croquettes least, because I didn't really like the texture."

Myrtle Allen:

" I didn't like the squidgy brown meringue. The texture was too sticky and I was afraid my top jaw might stick to my bottom jaw! I would give my best vote to those tiny baby carrots - they're so hard to get just right and they were perfect tonight."

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