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Cathal Armstrong, Guest Critic

Cathal Armstrong

Dublin born chef Cathal Armstrong is making waves in the U.S. culinary world as executive chef and owner of Restaurant Eve in Washington and was recently named one of "America's 10 Best New Chefs" by Food & Wine magazine.
The native Dubliner, grew up in a family that had a strong emphasis on food. They had a fruit and vegetable garden, ate plenty of garlic and had their own travel business. Growing up in our house, most everything we ate came straight from the garden. ‘Our food went right from the earth to the plate, maintaining their original flavors. My father would dig potatoes from our garden, boil them and serve them to me with just a bit of salt and butter…. It was food for the angels’

At the age of 20, he and two partners opened “The Baytree”, a fine dining restaurant in Dublin. Two years’ tenure and a desire to learn more of his craft led him to the States. It was his time spent at a restaurant called Cities, where he met his wife, business partner and muse, Meshelle Armstrong. Armstrong worked at several Washington restaurants before opening Restaurant Eve, a bistro and "tasting room" named for his young daughter.
At Restaurant Eve, Armstrong presents his version of elegant, yet straightforward food, sourcing the highest quality ingredients to create his regional American cuisine combined with influences of his youth.

Cathal’s mission to his children, as well as to his restaurant is to provide real, ingredient-based food. The Armstrongs and partner Todd Thrasher also own and operate: Eamonn’s A Dublin Chipper, PX, the upstairs speakeasy lounge, and the historic eatery; The Majestic all within five blocks from Restaurant Eve.

Chef Armstrong lives in Alexandria, nearby to all restaurants, with his wife Meshelle and their two children Eve and Eamonn.
Guest Critic - Cathal
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