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The Restaurant
The Restaurant RTÉ One, Sunday, 8.30pm

Des Cahill

Tom Doorley
“Des the best thing about this evening in a way is that I actually feel really well fed after it all. And my best was the amazing champagne berries with lemon meringue ice cream, because I have never had lemon meringue ice cream before, and I am glad it has entered my life before its too late. I was an absolutely super meal, well done.”

Cathal Armstrong
“I was very happy with the meal, it was very delicious overall, and it was hard to pick a low point. Pear Frangemain Tart is one of my favourite desserts in the world, so that sold me.”

Paolo Tullio
“Best of all – the Malay Beef, I thought that was just absolutely exquisite. I think I can honestly say, I can’t remember having had a meal in this restaurant, that was as consistently good as this one.

Guest Critic - Cathal Armstrong
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