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Simon Delaney

Dublin born Simon Delaney is a man who has worn many different hats during his life.

He has been a sales rep, a director of stage musicals and has become one of the best known faces on television as an actor and presenter.

Most of us will remember him as the ne'er do well lawyer, Michael, one of the characters from the hit TV drama "Bachelors Walk". That show put his Simon firmly on the road to acting success.

He has since starred in the West End in "Stones In Their Pockets", appeared in a BBC sitcom, "Pulling Moves" and in Shay Healy's musical "The Wiremen" at the Gaeity Theatre.

He recently made his debut as a television presenter on RTE 1 with "Chain Reactions", a documentary series highlighting the radical changes in Irish society over the last 25 years.

Simon's real love is musical theatre and his ambition is to star in or direct "Cabaret" on Broadway. He'd also like to make it big in Hollywood - "But, knowing my luck," he says, "it'd probably be Holllywood, County Down!".

Simon enjoys cooking when he can find time in his busy schedule, which in 2005 also includes having to plan his own wedding. He favours simple Italian food, with an emphasis on good flavours and easily available ingredients.

One of his favourite restaurants is The Trocadero in Dublin, a regular haunt for Dublin's theatrical community. He loves their deep-fried Brie and is delighted to be able to include his own version of this dish on his menu for The Restaurant.

Simon understands that the secret to running a good kitchen is teamwork and he's looking forward to directing operations with a minimum of 'theatrical fuss'.

Simon Delaney is hoping to get a standing ovation from our critics. But will his menu bring the curtain down early? Find out in The Restaurant.

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Simon Delaney
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