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Paul Costelloe

Paul Costelloe is a native of Dublin, but has gained a wordwide reputation as a master in the field of design.

His clothes have been worn by many famous women, including Princess Diana and Liza Minnelli.

Fashion was perhaps not Paul's first calling as his early employment included jobs in an accountancy company and a pig factory, about the latter of which Paul has stated, "The gory details are best left untold"!

Paul comes to The Restaurant with very definite views on how food should look.

He brings his designer's eye to bear on the presentation of all his dishes and will not let any food leave the kitchen until it looks just right.

For Paul, eating out is about "The surroundings, the company and the food - in that order."

He loves traditional French cooking which is honest and straightforward.

So, having made the transition from catwalk to kitchen, will Paul Costelloe's "edible collection" be a triumph or will his delicious designs leave the critics cold?

Find out in The Restaurant.

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Paul Costelloe
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