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The Restaurant RTÉ One, Sunday, 8.30pm

Lisa Burke

Lesley Waters

'The venison I really really enjoyed, the only thing I thought, you didn't need to put in there were those little dumpling things. The starter I had, I loved it, but I just kind of felt the pears with cheese and the bread, it needed to be at the other end of the meal. A hard one to balance. It's a hard one, but it needs the sugar syrup. It needs to be tarter to work as a starter. But I have to say it was delicious'

Tom Doorley

'Well I thought the monkfish was absolutely super. I didn't expect to like it, because I though monkfish, delicate flavour, you can't really muck around with it. And when it arrived I thought, lovely presentation, but gosh its been marinated. All the elements of that plate which looked so fantastic, tasted just as good as they looked. The smoked salmon and scallop parcels, I kind of hated, I mean the elements themselves tasted grand, but put them together and they all kind of cancelled out'

Paolo Tullio

'I thought the monkfish was a superb dish. I thought in a couple of places in the meal you could do it simpler, it was just too busy. Like the pudding, like the lemon tart and the meringue. You had a great meal and you did really nicely'

Guest Critic - Lesley Waters
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