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Gillian Bowler

Mention Gillian Bowler's name and everyone thinks of sunshine and sea.

The founder of Budget Travel, now the biggest company in the business, has had a huge public profile in tourism for almost three decades.

She is one of Ireland's most successful business figures and this year saw her take the Chair of Failte Ireland - the National Tourism Development Authority.

Ironically, a woman whose job it was to send people out of Ireland on holiday has arrived at the point where her job is to entice people into the country!

She aims to market Ireland as a quality destination, where a good time and good value will go hand in hand.

Gillian's love affair with travel (and food) began in Greece where, as a teenager, she worked in a restaurant before setting up her own travel business back home in Ireland.

Budget travel became the biggest operator in Ireland and Gillian Bowler became one of the most recognizable faces in the country.

Gillian loves to throw parties and this is reflected in the style of her menu in The Restaurant.

She enjoys preparing food that people can share over a glass or five of good wine.

She considers herself a good cook and tonight she's putting her menu, as it were, where her mouth is. Will Gillian Bowler's menu bring Mediterranean sunshine into the lives of our diners - or will the cry be, "It's not like the food we had in that little bistro in Corfu!"?

Find out when Gillian steps up to the stove tonight in The Restaurant.

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Gillian Bowler
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